Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Gallery

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and school vacation! The few weeks before our vacation the students in Art Room 171 were very creative and productive! The 3D Art students completed long term projects they started in November. The Art 1 3D students added final details and fired their ceramic tiles. Working with clay is very rewarding but it takes much time to master techniques and wait for the projects to dry completely before the firing process of heating the clay to very high temperatures in our electric kiln. The final results were worth the wait! Below are a few tiles created by Kim, Sabrina, Lydia and Elaine.

   The 3D 2 students completed their individual projects in collaboration with the WHS Fab Lab. All of the students found creative ways to combine technology into their art projects. The students also mastered basic skills using a sewing machine. Below are projects created by Nicole and Laksmi.

   The Art 1 2D class learned about different styles in painting and how artists select to work in a specific style to add meaning to their work. Some of the styles they learned about were Realism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Cubism and Pop Art. They learned that a landscape, portrait or still life could be interpreted in one of these styles using color selection and paint strokes unique to the individual style. The students created beautiful work in all of the styles. Below are paintings created by Caiden and Nicole interpreting Impressionism and Realism.

   The Drawing 1 class explored how artists use different drawing materials to express ideas and emotion in their work. The students then interpreted a piece of writing when creating original illustrations using ink, pastel, collage, watercolor pencils and markers in a variety of combinations.
Below are illustrations created by Olivia and Lilit.

   Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to more beautiful art projects in 2018!

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