Saturday, November 25, 2017

November Gallery

   We are now at the start of Quarter 2 and all of the classes are working on different types of art projects using many different materials and techniques. The Art 1 3D students are learning how to create ceramic tiles with clay and glazes. It took much practice to master working with clay! The students are doing a great job and will have completed projects in a few weeks. The Art 1 2D class just completed landscape paintings. They learned new ways to apply the paint and refined their color mixing skills. They will learn about different art styles in their next painting project. Below are beautiful paintings created by Bryan Ferreira (top) and Caiden Kiani (bottom).

   Designers in Architecture, Product Design, Theatre and Fashion need to master drawing skills. The Drawing 1 students learned how different designers use drawing skills to create original designs and how they share their ideas with clients through their drawings. Each student then selected a design field and created drawings of an original design. Below is a drawing for a shoe design created by Lilit Akopyan.

   The Studio Arts students just began a required assignment to create a work of art that interprets  writing they have selected. Look for their completed work in the next blog post. They also continue to create beautiful independent project work. Below are projects created by Christine Saroufim (top) and Akram Babali (bottom).

   The Art 2 3D class has been collaborating in the WHS Fab Lab with Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Powderly to master skills using traditional materials such as fabric, wood and cardboard with the technology of the laser cutter. The results from their artistic experiments are inspiring! Below are photos of their ink drawings transformed into laser drawings on denim fabric and of the students working with our amazing WHS Fab Lab teachers.

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