Sunday, September 24, 2017

September Gallery

   Welcome to school year 2017-18! There are five different visual art classes happening this semester and the students in each class are creating beautiful work already. The advanced Studio Arts students shared their summer homework projects and independent art gallery and museum visits during a class critique during the first week of school. They are now working on a required portrait assignment and planning their self-directed projects for quarter one. The students in the new Drawing One class are drawing from observation and learning about proportion, shading and how different materials and styles influence the creation of a work of art. Art One 2D students reviewed color theory and design vocabulary and are using this information to create symmetrical designs. The Art One 3D classes learned about traditional Mexican animal wood carvings and are creating their own interpretations in paper, plaster and paint. They also reviewed color theory before painting their sculptures.

   The advanced 3D Art class took on a non-profit project to begin the school year. Officer Kelley and Ms. Bloomer needed items to raffle at a recent fundraiser for the Correction Officer Memorial Fund. Our class collaborated with our master woodworking teacher, Mr. Boudreau to create a large cornhole game. The students did all the painting of the pattern on the wood forms created in the WHS wood shop. The 3D students included Miah Almeida-D'Alencar, Katy Eaton, Anna Papayannopoulos, Lakshmi Thangaraj, Nicole Topanian and Ana Zoubian. Below are photos of the students working and their wonderful final project. The event was a great success and we learned that our project was one of the most popular items!

   Below are a few examples of some of the quality work created in artroom 171 during the summer and the first weeks of school. This work was created by (top to bottom) Akram Babali, Kayleigh Dore, Nicole Delgado, Shannon Munger, Alyssa Carroll and Emily Koufos.


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