Monday, June 19, 2017

Language and Methods of Art Portrait Project

    Language and Methods of Art is a second semester class designed to help newcomer ELL students learn about visual art while learning and practicing their English language skills. The students have explored many different types of visual art such as drawing, painting, mosaics, sculpture, clock design and they even learned about the WHS Fab Lab. Every project is designed to teach students specific art techniques and english vocabulary while providing an opportunity to be creative.
    The final project in this class was a portrait assignment. The students were introduced to many people in the world who have achieved success in their careers while also helping others. The students were asked to select a person who was successful as an athlete, musician, artist, actor or leader in their community or the world. Some of the students selected people they had learned about in their ELL classes but others selected people they had just learned about. Some of the selections included Rosa Parks, Roberto Clemente and John Lennon.
    The students then had to work to learn and master drawing proportions for the human face and how to draw eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. Mastering these skills is one of the most difficult skills to learn in drawing because the face is such a complex shape. As the students practiced their drawings they also learned vocabulary such as eyebrow, eyelid, forehead, cheekbones, eyelash, chin and jaw. So many words and so much drawing detail! The students practiced for many days.
    When they mastered the drawing skills it was time to draw and paint the portrait on canvasboard.They spent time getting the drawings correct and then used painting skills learned from previous projects to add color to their portraits. The portraits after many days of work were looking good!
    When the students finished creating their portraits I then asked them to research information about their portrait artist to prepare an oral report to present to the class. They used their chromebooks to research when and where their person was born and other facts that informed why their person was so important. They typed their information in a google doc and I assisted with vocabulary and grammar edits during class time. They also had time to practice reading their report presentations to me and each other. Finally the presentation day arrived and everyone was ready to present the portrait and information to the class! Everyone was successful in a complex art and presentation project! I am so proud of every student for the art and language skills they learned in this project. Below are some photos of the presentations and portraits the students created! Congratulations to Ana, Eliza, Dani, Matheus, Kennix, Brandon, Oswaldo, Nayara, Nelson, Claudia, Andres, Lennard and Mike Isaac for your successful work!


    Below are a few of the portraits created by Ana Recinos, Eliza Duarte, Oswaldo Recinos, Lennard Maldonado, Dani Coutinho and Nelson Marquez.

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