Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Landscape Paintings

   Art 1 2D is a class where students are introduced to concepts and techniques in drawing, painting, art appreciation and design. The students learn through creating project work that encourages creative solutions while using visual art skills. The students are just finishing a landscape painting project.
   This subject was selected for a first painting assignment because the artist has to refine color mixing skills and learn to apply the paint in many different ways to create areas in the painting that are smooth and textured. The students learned to create smooth applications of paint that transition from one color to another using a technique called wet on wet. They also learned a variety of ways to create texture with the paint with techniques called scumbling and impasto. The students also had to use the concept of perspective that they had already learned in a previous drawing assignment. The concept of perspective is based on the idea that when anything is moving away from our eyes it appears smaller as it goes into the distance. As you view the work below you will notice that this is happening in these paintings.
   Below are a few of the many successful landscape paintings created by Andrea McAdam, Evan Aldridge and Emerson O'Connor.

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