Monday, April 3, 2017

March Gallery

March has been a very successful time in Art Room 171! Here are some updates about projects and events that happened last month.

The Art 1 3D class just completed beautiful mosaic projects. Mosaic is a form of art that has been practiced by many different cultures in the world to add pattern and imagery to floors and walls. Traditionally small pieces of ceramic or glass are used but contemporary artists also use seashells, beads, stones and charms. We used all of these materials in our mosaic work and also created some of our mosaic pieces in the WHS Fab Lab! Below are two of the projects created by Mary Cimen(top) and Ben Fandetti(bottom).

The advanced Art 3D 2 class completed the glazing and firing of their ceramic works. It takes a long time to complete a work in ceramics but the great results were worth it. The students in this class also learned about the art of linoleum printing. In this type of art a block is carved with an image and ink is rolled on to the carved block. Paper is then placed on the block and the image transfers on to the paper. All of the students made many different prints using different color papers and ink. Below are ceramic mugs created by Ana Scott and Kelsey Sanchez Coronado. The linoleum print was created by Lauren Cole.

The advanced Studio Arts class has been working on independent projects during their time in class. They also visited our artist/curator friends Cathleen Daley and Ellen Wineberg at their local art gallery, Room83Spring. They saw the work of three talented artists who use observations from their lives to inspire their work. This is a theme that we also explore in much of the work we create in our class. Below are some of the students discussing a work of art with Ellen.

We ended the month with a visit with Mr. Mastro's AP European History class to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We learned about European Art from many countries and time periods and saw how culture and politics can influence the creation of works of art. Many thanks to Mr. Mastro for all the planning of this trip and for Ms. Mulhall for helping us chaperone. Below are a few photos.

The Art 1 2D class and Language and Methods of Art worked on perfecting their drawing skills. Here are drawings from direct observation by Andrea McAdam(top) and Isaac Mugomba(bottom).

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