Friday, February 24, 2017

February Gallery

    Students in the semester 1 elective classes ended their time in Art Room 171 with quality work. In my last post I showed ceramic work in progress from the Art 1 3D classes. Below are a few examples of the finished work after the final firing stage. Firing is the process of heating the clay to a high temperature of 1900 degrees to make the clay stronger and allow the glazes to color and seal the clay surface. All of the 3D students took great care through the many stages required to produce ceramic art.

   Students in the advanced Studio Art class continue working in Art Room 171 for the entire school year. They are creating beautiful work and keep working to improve technical skills in visual art including the important skill of drawing from observation. The class recently took time to draw a shared still life together. Drawing together is an ongoing Studio Arts activity.

Below is a drawing by Emily Koufos that shows her creativity of concept, composition and great drawing skills.

   New students are just starting to create art in Semester 2. The 2D Art students are reviewing color theory while creating a symmetrical pattern design. The 3D Art students are creating imaginary animal sculptures while also reviewing color theory and pattern design. The advanced 3D students are continuing project work in ceramics by creating a unique mug or bowl. Finished examples from these projects will be featured in the next blog post.

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