Thursday, January 26, 2017

January Gallery

The Art 1 2D and 3D classes are ending their semester with quality work. It has been a pleasure to work with all the students and I hope another art class is in their future plans!

In our last few weeks together Art 1 2D students completed paintings that interpreted one of the styles of art they learned in class. They also are working on a collage project. Collage is the art form where the artist blends a variety of found materials such paper, fabric and beads to create an image. The students had a choice to create a pattern, landscape or interpret an emotion with collage. The students experimented with all types of paper such as newspaper, photos, lace paper and other decorative materials. They used knowledge about color, composition, art styles, painting and drawing to create beautiful collages. Below are two of the many wonderful collages created by Brittany Catsoulis (top) and Danielle Coutinho (bottom).

The Art 1 3D students are ending their semester class learning about ceramics and working with clay to create ceramic tiles. Working with clay is one of the oldest art forms and practiced in all parts of the world in so many creative ways. The students learned skills in forming and glazing the clay. Glazing is the technique used to add color and a glossy surface to the clay. They also learned that the clay needs to be "fired" to make it stronger, waterproof, colorful and shiny. The final stage of creating a ceramic work is to heat the clay up to a high temperature in a machine called a kiln. This stage is known as firing the clay. We are just starting the firing process now. Here are photos of a few of the works in progress. I will include photos of completed projects in a future blog post.

The advanced Studio Arts class worked on a Global Art project during quarter two. The students were required to select a traditional or contemporary art form from anywhere in the world except the United States and learn about that art form. They then had to create a work of 2D or 3D art that interpreted their selection. Below is a work by Arianna Curry that interpreted Japanese calligraphy. She was inspired by the beauty of this art form and in interpreting the symbols of infatuation, love and devious in her work.

Evamarie Alessandroni recently traveled to Barcelona and was inspired by the architecture and mosaics created by the architect Antonio Gaudi. Below is her beautiful mosaic work inspired by many of the works she was able to view on her visit to this most artistic city.

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