Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Gallery

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and school vacation! The few weeks before our vacation the students in Art Room 171 were very creative and productive! The 3D Art students completed long term projects they started in November. The Art 1 3D students added final details and fired their ceramic tiles. Working with clay is very rewarding but it takes much time to master techniques and wait for the projects to dry completely before the firing process of heating the clay to very high temperatures in our electric kiln. The final results were worth the wait! Below are a few tiles created by Kim, Sabrina, Lydia and Elaine.

   The 3D 2 students completed their individual projects in collaboration with the WHS Fab Lab. All of the students found creative ways to combine technology into their art projects. The students also mastered basic skills using a sewing machine. Below are projects created by Nicole and Laksmi.

   The Art 1 2D class learned about different styles in painting and how artists select to work in a specific style to add meaning to their work. Some of the styles they learned about were Realism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Cubism and Pop Art. They learned that a landscape, portrait or still life could be interpreted in one of these styles using color selection and paint strokes unique to the individual style. The students created beautiful work in all of the styles. Below are paintings created by Caiden and Nicole interpreting Impressionism and Realism.

   The Drawing 1 class explored how artists use different drawing materials to express ideas and emotion in their work. The students then interpreted a piece of writing when creating original illustrations using ink, pastel, collage, watercolor pencils and markers in a variety of combinations.
Below are illustrations created by Olivia and Lilit.

   Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to more beautiful art projects in 2018!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

November Gallery

   We are now at the start of Quarter 2 and all of the classes are working on different types of art projects using many different materials and techniques. The Art 1 3D students are learning how to create ceramic tiles with clay and glazes. It took much practice to master working with clay! The students are doing a great job and will have completed projects in a few weeks. The Art 1 2D class just completed landscape paintings. They learned new ways to apply the paint and refined their color mixing skills. They will learn about different art styles in their next painting project. Below are beautiful paintings created by Bryan Ferreira (top) and Caiden Kiani (bottom).

   Designers in Architecture, Product Design, Theatre and Fashion need to master drawing skills. The Drawing 1 students learned how different designers use drawing skills to create original designs and how they share their ideas with clients through their drawings. Each student then selected a design field and created drawings of an original design. Below is a drawing for a shoe design created by Lilit Akopyan.

   The Studio Arts students just began a required assignment to create a work of art that interprets  writing they have selected. Look for their completed work in the next blog post. They also continue to create beautiful independent project work. Below are projects created by Christine Saroufim (top) and Akram Babali (bottom).

   The Art 2 3D class has been collaborating in the WHS Fab Lab with Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Powderly to master skills using traditional materials such as fabric, wood and cardboard with the technology of the laser cutter. The results from their artistic experiments are inspiring! Below are photos of their ink drawings transformed into laser drawings on denim fabric and of the students working with our amazing WHS Fab Lab teachers.

Friday, October 27, 2017

October Gallery

  October has been a busy month in Art Room 171! The Studio Arts students received great professional advice from guest speakers Jessica Caccamo from the BU School for the Arts and Drew Allison, a professional graphic designer. We went on field trips to the Society of Arts and Crafts and The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and Room83Spring in Watertown. We were inspired by all the work we viewed at these art spaces and in the guest speaker presentations. The students are also creating beautiful self-portraits and interesting self-directed projects for the class critique at the end of the month.
   The 3D Art classes worked on projects in ceramics, bookbinding and mask making. The 3D 1 class was introduced to the to creative possibilities of the WHS Fab Lab. The advanced 3D class is starting to explore using the Fab Lab to create art with many different materials. We have already learned so much from Ms. Lloyd during our class visits to the WHS Fab Lab and will continue our collaboration next month.
   The Drawing 1 class completed beautiful perspective drawings and the Art 1 2D class focused on drawing this month with projects in observational drawing and perspective drawing.
   Here are a few of the projects created in the month of October. The student artists are (top to bottom) Liana Rice, Amelia Allison and Nicole Topanian.

 Here are a few photos of the Studio Arts field trip to The Institute of Contemporary Art and the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston. It was great to have Ms. Honig and the Humanities students come with us!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September Gallery

   Welcome to school year 2017-18! There are five different visual art classes happening this semester and the students in each class are creating beautiful work already. The advanced Studio Arts students shared their summer homework projects and independent art gallery and museum visits during a class critique during the first week of school. They are now working on a required portrait assignment and planning their self-directed projects for quarter one. The students in the new Drawing One class are drawing from observation and learning about proportion, shading and how different materials and styles influence the creation of a work of art. Art One 2D students reviewed color theory and design vocabulary and are using this information to create symmetrical designs. The Art One 3D classes learned about traditional Mexican animal wood carvings and are creating their own interpretations in paper, plaster and paint. They also reviewed color theory before painting their sculptures.

   The advanced 3D Art class took on a non-profit project to begin the school year. Officer Kelley and Ms. Bloomer needed items to raffle at a recent fundraiser for the Correction Officer Memorial Fund. Our class collaborated with our master woodworking teacher, Mr. Boudreau to create a large cornhole game. The students did all the painting of the pattern on the wood forms created in the WHS wood shop. The 3D students included Miah Almeida-D'Alencar, Katy Eaton, Anna Papayannopoulos, Lakshmi Thangaraj, Nicole Topanian and Ana Zoubian. Below are photos of the students working and their wonderful final project. The event was a great success and we learned that our project was one of the most popular items!

   Below are a few examples of some of the quality work created in artroom 171 during the summer and the first weeks of school. This work was created by (top to bottom) Akram Babali, Kayleigh Dore, Nicole Delgado, Shannon Munger, Alyssa Carroll and Emily Koufos.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June Gallery and Happy Summer Vacation!

    We are completing our final school week and all of the students are finishing the school year with quality art work. It has been rewarding to work with such amazing students this year in all of my classes. The students have shown so much improvement in their technique and creative interpretation of assignments. Wishing everyone a great summer vacation! Below are a few of the art projects that were completed in June by Anahid Ohanyan, Christine Saroufim, Lauren Cole, Emily Koufos and Muhammad Ahad.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Language and Methods of Art Portrait Project

    Language and Methods of Art is a second semester class designed to help newcomer ELL students learn about visual art while learning and practicing their English language skills. The students have explored many different types of visual art such as drawing, painting, mosaics, sculpture, clock design and they even learned about the WHS Fab Lab. Every project is designed to teach students specific art techniques and english vocabulary while providing an opportunity to be creative.
    The final project in this class was a portrait assignment. The students were introduced to many people in the world who have achieved success in their careers while also helping others. The students were asked to select a person who was successful as an athlete, musician, artist, actor or leader in their community or the world. Some of the students selected people they had learned about in their ELL classes but others selected people they had just learned about. Some of the selections included Rosa Parks, Roberto Clemente and John Lennon.
    The students then had to work to learn and master drawing proportions for the human face and how to draw eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. Mastering these skills is one of the most difficult skills to learn in drawing because the face is such a complex shape. As the students practiced their drawings they also learned vocabulary such as eyebrow, eyelid, forehead, cheekbones, eyelash, chin and jaw. So many words and so much drawing detail! The students practiced for many days.
    When they mastered the drawing skills it was time to draw and paint the portrait on canvasboard.They spent time getting the drawings correct and then used painting skills learned from previous projects to add color to their portraits. The portraits after many days of work were looking good!
    When the students finished creating their portraits I then asked them to research information about their portrait artist to prepare an oral report to present to the class. They used their chromebooks to research when and where their person was born and other facts that informed why their person was so important. They typed their information in a google doc and I assisted with vocabulary and grammar edits during class time. They also had time to practice reading their report presentations to me and each other. Finally the presentation day arrived and everyone was ready to present the portrait and information to the class! Everyone was successful in a complex art and presentation project! I am so proud of every student for the art and language skills they learned in this project. Below are some photos of the presentations and portraits the students created! Congratulations to Ana, Eliza, Dani, Matheus, Kennix, Brandon, Oswaldo, Nayara, Nelson, Claudia, Andres, Lennard and Mike Isaac for your successful work!


    Below are a few of the portraits created by Ana Recinos, Eliza Duarte, Oswaldo Recinos, Lennard Maldonado, Dani Coutinho and Nelson Marquez.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

May Gallery

   All of the students are working now to finish their final projects as the school year is coming to an end. It has been such a pleasure for me to see all of my students improve their technical and creative skills this semester. Here are a few of the drawing, painting, ceramic and 3D art projects that were created in artroom 171 during the month of May. The work was created by (top to bottom) Muhammad Ahad, Ruby Rosenwasser, Ana Scott, Ben Fandetti, and Nayara Rocha.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Landscape Paintings

   Art 1 2D is a class where students are introduced to concepts and techniques in drawing, painting, art appreciation and design. The students learn through creating project work that encourages creative solutions while using visual art skills. The students are just finishing a landscape painting project.
   This subject was selected for a first painting assignment because the artist has to refine color mixing skills and learn to apply the paint in many different ways to create areas in the painting that are smooth and textured. The students learned to create smooth applications of paint that transition from one color to another using a technique called wet on wet. They also learned a variety of ways to create texture with the paint with techniques called scumbling and impasto. The students also had to use the concept of perspective that they had already learned in a previous drawing assignment. The concept of perspective is based on the idea that when anything is moving away from our eyes it appears smaller as it goes into the distance. As you view the work below you will notice that this is happening in these paintings.
   Below are a few of the many successful landscape paintings created by Andrea McAdam, Evan Aldridge and Emerson O'Connor.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Gallery

The students in all of the classes in art room 171 continue to create great work and learn new skills in the visual arts. At the end of each quarter the advanced Studio Arts students complete two full classes of group critique. The purpose of the group critique is to share work with each other and to receive constructive feedback. Feedback can include comments to improve technique, composition or style choices. Feedback can also note progress and success for individual student work. Students can also share what they have learned with each other. The students in this class are also required to write reflections of recently completed work and to set new self-directed goals for future work. The students in this class are able to reflect, write, speak and assist one another very thoughtfully. I am so proud of the work they create and how they are able to support each other in the study of visual art.
Below are a few of the many successful projects from the quarter 3 critique created by Eva Alessandroni, Maria Athanasopoulos, Amelia Allison and Anya Gellerman.

Students in the Language and Methods of Art class created beautiful landscape paintings and are now learning about perspective drawing. They learned new ways to apply the paint to create different textures and improved skills in mixing new colors. Below are landscapes by Nelson Marquez and Isaac Mugomba.

The 3D students are almost finished creating artists books about a personal interest theme. They learning simple bookbinding skills and had to use art and design skills to create the design of all the pages in their books. The 2D students worked hard to learn perspective drawing and had to create an imaginary room drawing using perspective and freehand drawing skills. Look for photos of some of the completed results in a future blog post.