Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Gallery

Students in art room 171 are continuing to create art using a variety of techniques.

Studio Arts students are getting ready for an upcoming critique with self-portrait projects and other interesting work of their own design. They also took a field trip to get inspired by the art at the Institute Of Contemporary Art, Boston. Art 1 2D students have worked on drawing from observation and perspective drawing. Art 1 3D students created original artists books and mosaic projects. Many of the students used the technology they learned about in the WHS Fab Lab during our introduction class to add interesting elements to their work.

Below are photos of some of the creative projects and activities that happened in art room 171 during the month of October.

                                 Mosaic art by Lauren Amedio and Mia Venezia

                                       Drawing from observation by Sarah Vail.


Self-portrait drawing by Isabella Vitti, Studio Arts

On the return to WHS after our ICA, Boston trip we stopped to view this hand-painted piano created by Watertown artist Dawn Scaltreto. Dawn has visited art room 171 as a guest artist and has worked on public art projects with past WHS students. Here we are viewing and playing Dawn’s most recent work of public art!

Here are some of the Art 1 2D students working with Ms. Lloyd in the WHS Fab Lab.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Gallery

    Students in the Studio Arts, Art 1 2D and Art 1 3D classes are already hard at work perfecting their art skills. Here are a few of the projects created in art room 171 during the month of September.

Muhammad Ahad, grade 11 Studio Arts
“Self-Portrait” created with charcoal on paper.

Nicole Topanian and Lakshmi Thangaraj, grade 9 Art 1 3D
 Imaginary animal sculptures created with paper, plaster and paint.
They were inspired by traditional wood carvings from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Olivia DeKoster, grade 9 Art 1 2D
Drawing from direct observation with pencil on paper.

Eva Alessandroni, grade 12 Studio Arts
 This is a preparation drawing and model for a 3D boat design. 
She created the model in the WHS Fab Lab with a 3D printer. 

Amelia Alison, grade 11 Studio Arts
Logo design for a phone case created using the vinyl cutter in the WHS Fab Lab.