Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Gallery

   All of the students in Art Room 171 are now busy creating beautiful artwork. Students in Art 1 2D have just completed landscape paintings that I will showcase in the next blog post. They are now learning about different painting styles and the master artists who created the styles. Art 1 3D students have completed mosaic projects and are now learning about architecture. They are also learning about important 3D artists and designers in an oral report assignment.
   Below are mosaic projects created by Sukeina Attar (top) and Ana Zoubian (bottom).

   The Studio Arts students participated in the quarter 1 critique for the class. Critique sessions provide the students with the opportunity to give and receive helpful advice from each other. This class has quickly become a community of individual young artists and they are as skilled in speaking about their work as they are in creating it. I feel peer feedback is as important as the feedback I provide to all of the students. Below are a few of the many quality artworks in all types of styles and media created for the quarter 1 critique. These works were created by (top to bottom) Anya Gellerman, Emily Koufos, Isabella Vitti, Ruby Rosenwasser, Maria Athanasopoulos and Muhammad Ahad.

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