Thursday, December 29, 2016

Landscape Painting

   Students in both 2D Art classes have already completed projects in color, design and drawing during quarter 1. They are now using what they learned in two different painting projects. The first painting project explored the theme of landscape. Landscape was selected because it allowed the students to use their knowledge of color theory, observation and perspective drawing in a complete composition. The students first viewed landscape paintings by many master artists including Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe. Techniques used by these artists to create different brush strokes were demonstrated in class at the start of the project. How and why do artists create smooth, textured, or transparent areas all in the same painting? This was a key question of this project.
   Why a specific location would have special meaning to an individual artist was also something the students had to think about. The students were asked to select a landscape photo of their own choice and interpret the photo in an landscape painting. It was interesting to see the variety of locations and interpretations the students created.
   Below are a few of the many outstanding landscape paintings created by the Art 1 2D students. These works were created (top to bottom) by Jimena Canales-Alfaro, Kevin Cardoso, Vera Doob, Hibe Hariri, Jon Inacio and Caileigh Sullivan.

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