Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Gallery

    Students in the Studio Arts, Art 1 2D and Art 1 3D classes are already hard at work perfecting their art skills. Here are a few of the projects created in art room 171 during the month of September.

Muhammad Ahad, grade 11 Studio Arts
“Self-Portrait” created with charcoal on paper.

Nicole Topanian and Lakshmi Thangaraj, grade 9 Art 1 3D
 Imaginary animal sculptures created with paper, plaster and paint.
They were inspired by traditional wood carvings from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Olivia DeKoster, grade 9 Art 1 2D
Drawing from direct observation with pencil on paper.

Eva Alessandroni, grade 12 Studio Arts
 This is a preparation drawing and model for a 3D boat design. 
She created the model in the WHS Fab Lab with a 3D printer. 

Amelia Alison, grade 11 Studio Arts
Logo design for a phone case created using the vinyl cutter in the WHS Fab Lab.

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