Monday, September 5, 2016

Scholastic Art Awards 2017

     Professional artists always experience competition for design jobs, grants, commissions and exhibition opportunities. Students also have opportunities to participate in local, state or national student competitions. Participation can be a positive or disappointing experience for students and the choice to enter personal work in a competition should always be a decision students make with advice from their parents or guardians.

   Most of my students are in the beginning stages of their artistic development and I encourage them to enjoy the process of improving their creativity and technique before participating in a competition. I always provide information and support for competition opportunities but there is never a requirement in my classes to participate.

    Students who do choose to enter an art competition often enter the Scholastic Art Awards. It is a very selective competition and a low percentage of entries receive award recognition. Students can enter art in many different categories through the web site until early December 2016. There is a $5.00 entry fee for each work entered and no limit on the number of works entered.

   Below are two works by WHS award winners from the 2016 Massachusetts Scholastic Art Awards.

 Colored pencil drawing by Julia Harrington
Gold Key Award
Watercolor painting by Emily Hart
Honorable Mention Award

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