Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Color Lessons for 2D and 3D Art Classes

   The 2D and 3D Art classes are off to a great start this semester! The students began with a review of shape, pattern and color concepts. Practice in color mixing and paint application skills were important for all students.
   The 3D classes (period 4 and 5) used their knowledge of color and design principles to create an imaginary animal sculpture using paper, plaster and paint. Our inspiration was the folk tradition of animal wood carvings created in Oaxaca, Mexico. Here is a sample of an actual sculpture from Oaxaca that I shared with the students. We also looked at photos and learned about this traditional art form for inspiration.

These sculptures are drying at the end of the school day just waiting to be painted with beautiful colors and patterns.

Everyone is busy creating and refining their work.

The students were required to mix parts of two different animals and interpret this in a creative animal sculpture. Here are a few of the sculptures.

The 2D classes (period 6 and float) created symmetrical pattern designs using organic and geometric shapes and line. Here are the students skillfully mixing colors and painting.

This symmetrical design in progress interprets a primary color composition.

Here are a few of the final designs that interpret primary, monochromatic and analogous colors.

The 2D students are now working on drawing skills and the 3D students are creating artists books. I am looking forward to more great work during this semester!


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