Thursday, March 16, 2017

Watertown Public Schools K-12 Art Show now on view!

    Not even a snowstorm could stop the annual Watertown Public Schools K-12 Art Show! The exhibition features visual art from all of our schools and includes drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and digital works. The exhibit is on view now at the Watertown Mall until March 28 with a reception to celebrate all of our student artists scheduled for Tuesday, March 21 from 5-7pm.       
    A special display was created to feature artwork from all five schools that was inspired by art styles and traditions from all over the world. Below are some of the works from Art Room 171 that interpret this theme.

    Below are photos of a few of the many works of art on display from all of our schools. Please plan to attend to enjoy the work of our talented student artists!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Watertown Public Schools K-12 Art Show March 14-28

   Mark your calendars! The 2017 Watertown Public Schools K-12 Art Show is happening from March 14 through 28 at the Watertown Mall. Our public reception to celebrate all of our talented student artists will take place on Tuesday, March 21 from 5-7 pm. I hope you will be able to attend to view the beautiful work our students create and meet all of the art teachers while enjoying light refreshments. Our many thanks to the Watertown Mall for hosting our show.
   Below are two of the many works of art from my classroom that will be on display. They were created by Emily Koufos (top) and Amelia Allison (bottom).

Friday, February 24, 2017

February Gallery

    Students in the semester 1 elective classes ended their time in Art Room 171 with quality work. In my last post I showed ceramic work in progress from the Art 1 3D classes. Below are a few examples of the finished work after the final firing stage. Firing is the process of heating the clay to a high temperature of 1900 degrees to make the clay stronger and allow the glazes to color and seal the clay surface. All of the 3D students took great care through the many stages required to produce ceramic art.

   Students in the advanced Studio Art class continue working in Art Room 171 for the entire school year. They are creating beautiful work and keep working to improve technical skills in visual art including the important skill of drawing from observation. The class recently took time to draw a shared still life together. Drawing together is an ongoing Studio Arts activity.

Below is a drawing by Emily Koufos that shows her creativity of concept, composition and great drawing skills.

   New students are just starting to create art in Semester 2. The 2D Art students are reviewing color theory while creating a symmetrical pattern design. The 3D Art students are creating imaginary animal sculptures while also reviewing color theory and pattern design. The advanced 3D students are continuing project work in ceramics by creating a unique mug or bowl. Finished examples from these projects will be featured in the next blog post.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

January Gallery

The Art 1 2D and 3D classes are ending their semester with quality work. It has been a pleasure to work with all the students and I hope another art class is in their future plans!

In our last few weeks together Art 1 2D students completed paintings that interpreted one of the styles of art they learned in class. They also are working on a collage project. Collage is the art form where the artist blends a variety of found materials such paper, fabric and beads to create an image. The students had a choice to create a pattern, landscape or interpret an emotion with collage. The students experimented with all types of paper such as newspaper, photos, lace paper and other decorative materials. They used knowledge about color, composition, art styles, painting and drawing to create beautiful collages. Below are two of the many wonderful collages created by Brittany Catsoulis (top) and Danielle Coutinho (bottom).

The Art 1 3D students are ending their semester class learning about ceramics and working with clay to create ceramic tiles. Working with clay is one of the oldest art forms and practiced in all parts of the world in so many creative ways. The students learned skills in forming and glazing the clay. Glazing is the technique used to add color and a glossy surface to the clay. They also learned that the clay needs to be "fired" to make it stronger, waterproof, colorful and shiny. The final stage of creating a ceramic work is to heat the clay up to a high temperature in a machine called a kiln. This stage is known as firing the clay. We are just starting the firing process now. Here are photos of a few of the works in progress. I will include photos of completed projects in a future blog post.

The advanced Studio Arts class worked on a Global Art project during quarter two. The students were required to select a traditional or contemporary art form from anywhere in the world except the United States and learn about that art form. They then had to create a work of 2D or 3D art that interpreted their selection. Below is a work by Arianna Curry that interpreted Japanese calligraphy. She was inspired by the beauty of this art form and in interpreting the symbols of infatuation, love and devious in her work.

Evamarie Alessandroni recently traveled to Barcelona and was inspired by the architecture and mosaics created by the architect Antonio Gaudi. Below is her beautiful mosaic work inspired by many of the works she was able to view on her visit to this most artistic city.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Gallery

    Students in Art Room 171 had a busy December learning and creating! Students in the Art 1 2D classes completed their landscape paintings and then learned about different artists and styles of painting. They learned about Realism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Cubism and Pop Art. Some of the artists they learned about included Monet, Renoir, Magritte, Warhol and Picasso. They were asked to select their favorite style and create an original painting in their selected style. It was interesting to see what styles each student selected to interpret. It was also exciting to see the students use many of the skills they learned in past projects in this assignment.
   Below is a painting that interprets Impressionism by Gaby Richards.

   The students in Art 1 3D learned about real world design issues by working on projects in architecture and package design. They learned how design in their everyday lives is influenced by 3D design principles. The students were asked to create a model of an original design for a building located anywhere in the world except New England. Their building could serve any function such as a private home, store or office. Before they created the design they had to research architectural traditions, climate, geography and local materials related to their selected location. They had to combine their research into their final design. They also had to do much problem solving and accurate measuring while building their architecture models.
   Below are some of the students working on their architectural models.

   The students in the advanced art class, Studio Arts continued to work on a variety of projects of their own choice. They also went on a second visit to a local art gallery, Room83Spring for inspiration. Below is a portrait by Ruby Rosenwasser.

   It was so special to have some of my grade 9 students offer to use their art skills to decorate the door to Art Room 171 for the holiday season. Our inspiration for blue and white paper cut-outs was inspired by the master 20th century artist Henri Matisse. Somehow a snowman also made it into the final design too! A title for this door could be "Matisse and Frosty"! All of the students worked together so well in the spirit of the holiday to create a successful design.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Landscape Painting

   Students in both 2D Art classes have already completed projects in color, design and drawing during quarter 1. They are now using what they learned in two different painting projects. The first painting project explored the theme of landscape. Landscape was selected because it allowed the students to use their knowledge of color theory, observation and perspective drawing in a complete composition. The students first viewed landscape paintings by many master artists including Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe. Techniques used by these artists to create different brush strokes were demonstrated in class at the start of the project. How and why do artists create smooth, textured, or transparent areas all in the same painting? This was a key question of this project.
   Why a specific location would have special meaning to an individual artist was also something the students had to think about. The students were asked to select a landscape photo of their own choice and interpret the photo in an landscape painting. It was interesting to see the variety of locations and interpretations the students created.
   Below are a few of the many outstanding landscape paintings created by the Art 1 2D students. These works were created (top to bottom) by Jimena Canales-Alfaro, Kevin Cardoso, Vera Doob, Hibe Hariri, Jon Inacio and Caileigh Sullivan.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Gallery

   All of the students in Art Room 171 are now busy creating beautiful artwork. Students in Art 1 2D have just completed landscape paintings that I will showcase in the next blog post. They are now learning about different painting styles and the master artists who created the styles. Art 1 3D students have completed mosaic projects and are now learning about architecture. They are also learning about important 3D artists and designers in an oral report assignment.
   Below are mosaic projects created by Sukeina Attar (top) and Ana Zoubian (bottom).

   The Studio Arts students participated in the quarter 1 critique for the class. Critique sessions provide the students with the opportunity to give and receive helpful advice from each other. This class has quickly become a community of individual young artists and they are as skilled in speaking about their work as they are in creating it. I feel peer feedback is as important as the feedback I provide to all of the students. Below are a few of the many quality artworks in all types of styles and media created for the quarter 1 critique. These works were created by (top to bottom) Anya Gellerman, Emily Koufos, Isabella Vitti, Ruby Rosenwasser, Maria Athanasopoulos and Muhammad Ahad.